Residential Treatment

Banner Elk Campus Overview of the Banner Elk Campus

Grandfather Home for Children provides residential services to children ages 13 to 17 on its Hayes Campus in Banner Elk, NC. Approximately, eight children live in each cottage with three youth care workers. This program is designed to meet the specialized needs of children who have been physically, sexually, and/or emotionally abused. Because of their abuse, these children have a profound inability to trust in adult relationships, have very low self worth, and often have inappropriate and destructive behavior. Many children who come into this program have been in multiple (sometimes up to 20) failed placements.

While in the residential treatment program, children are given clothing, shelter, food, education and a stable environment. They also are encouraged by their peers and staff and taught important skills for coping with their emotions. The goal is to stabilize the child’s behavior and emotional state so that he or she may soon live and function within a family home setting.

Grandfather Home provides residential services for adolescents who have a history of sexual trauma. The following are the admissions requirements:

- Attempted and failed in lower levels of care (Outpatient therapy, Therapeutic Foster Care, Group Homes, Intensive In Home and/or Hospitalizations).

- Age 13 to 17 (must complete the program by age 18).

- IQ 85 or greater.

- No diagnoses of Developmental Disabilities; (i.e., Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Autism, Asperger’s, etc.).

- No diagnoses on Axis II.

- No substance abuse diagnoses as the primary diagnosis.

- No recent intrusive medical treatments such as surgeries or recently diagnosed pregnancies.

- Must display a willingness to follow the clinical and psychiatric recommendations of the treatment professionals.