Grandparents’ Club

Grandparents have a special way of loving their grandchildren unconditionally. The Grandparents’ Club of Grandfather Home for Children plays this role in the lives of the children under our care. The Grandparents’ Club is comprised of many individual chapters that raise funds to be used specifically for the children’s needs and special opportunities - similar to what many grandparents do!

Through the financial support of Grandparents’ Club, our children can participate in school field trips, special activities like camps, dance/music lessons, and family vacation trips. One of the special ways the Grandparents’ Club can also help enrich a child’s life is by covering a special medical need that may not be covered by Medicaid, like braces or contact lenses. Without this special club, our children would be unable to have the expressions of love that help create a much happier and memorable childhood.

You are invited find out more about joining an existing Grandparents’ Club chapter or starting a new chapter! Please contact Abigail Lord, Director of Development.

PO Box 98, Banner Elk, NC 28604
Cell: (828) 898.5465


Apple Orchard

     Chuck and Mary Dickinson

     Kathy Ward

Beech Mountain

     Molle Grad

     Fred Pfohl

     Reneé Miller

Blowing Rock Country Club

     John and Josephine Beall                                                                                              

     John and Jeannette Alexander

Crooked Creek

     Jeanne Lambdin

Crystal Mountain

     Bob and Kris Pabian


     Ed and Cathy Owen

Elk River

     Ralph and Christine Brown

     Barbara Miller Whitton

Fairview Presbyterian Church

     Linda Everhardt

First Presbyterian Church Kingsport

     Peggy Smith

First Presbyterian Church Lenoir

     John and Josephine Beall

     Lawrence and Barbara Freiman

     Jim and Lucy McCarl

Georgia Blanton Memorial

     C. Terry Blanton

Grandfather Golf and Country Club


Grandfather Home Employees

     Abigail Lord

Hound Ears

     Bob and Carol Allen

     Bob and Pat Brinegar    

     Dick and Barbara Wilson

Land Harbor

     Rose Cole

     Dee Humphrey

     Tom and Carolyn Ott

     Don and Bette Pollard

     John and Sallie Prince   

     Dorothy Smith-Fox

Linville Ridge

     Lee and Mindy Hanna

     Steve and Diana Shelton

     Parks and Barbara Souther

Seven Devils

     Lee and Mary Metzger

Sugar Mountain

     Cliff and Marilee Williams

The Farm

     Susan Schachner


     Bruce and Gwynne Chadwick

     Debbi Wood