Become a Foster Parent

We need dedicated, Christian foster parents to care for children in your community. Our foster parents are the heart of our ministry. They share our vision and desire to help abused and neglected children. Becoming a Grandfather Home foster parent means opening the doors of your home and heart to children. Our foster families must be willing to make a child a true part of their family.

Our foster families are licensed according to NC licensing standards. In addition, each family receives child-specific training according to the needs of the child placed in their home. Therefore, training is individualized. Parents meet with training staff one-on-one. This allows us to gain personal knowledge of the foster parents and assists us with matching the strengths of the foster parents to the needs of foster children.

Our retention rate for foster families is 90% as compared to the national average of 50% to 60%. Our families tell us that it is because of the “support they receive from our case managers.” We maintain low case loads so our case managers can provide intensive support 24/7 for our families.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is family foster care?

Family Foster care is a temporary living arrangement for abused and neglected children. Frequently, the Department of Social Services (DSS) takes custody of children when they believe the children are unsafe and their families cannot take care of them. In most cases the foster parents, DSS, agency staff and birth family work toward reunification. When reunification is not possible, foster parents may be considered as the adoptive parents.

What is therapeutic foster care?

Therapeutic foster care is also a temporary living arrangement for abused and neglected children. These children may be in the custody of DSS or their birth parents. These children have diagnosed mental health disorders and need structured homes to provide treatment and care.

Who are foster children?

Each year thousands of children in North Carolina come into foster care. They range from birth to 18 with the majority being 8 or older. These children have unique backgrounds, experiences and needs.

How long will foster children be in our home?

Some children may only stay a few days while a relative is identified to take the children. Other children may never return to their birth family and may need to be adopted.

How many children is Grandfather Home currently serving?

We are now serving 270 children daily.

Do I have to own my home to be a foster parent?

No, you must have a stable, safe home to reside in, but you do not have to own it.

Does Grandfather Home need foster families in my area?

We provide foster care from the Raleigh area all the way to the far western counties of the state. We are always looking for good foster families in these areas.

Who can be a foster parent?

Foster parents must be at least 21 years old. They must have a stable home and income. They must be fingerprinted and have a criminal record check; their residence must pass physical and fire inspection. They must complete all required training to become licensed.

Is there assistance to care for foster children?

Our agency provides foster families with a case manager who is available to our foster families and children 24/7. Monthly stipends are provided to foster families, with the amount much higher for therapeutic foster children.

What is the Grandparents' Club?

Grandfather Home is very blessed with a special fund from the Grandparents' Club. This fund was established to help provide items to foster children that birth grandparents might provide. Examples of such items include pictures, car seats, school yearbooks, prom dresses, tutoring, vacations, school supplies, birthday gifts and much more.

If you have more questions or are interested in becoming a foster parent, please contact:

Rosa Howell
336.337.4855 (cell)
336.744.5240 (fax)